The Junior Arts Scholarship was founded in 2021 by 15-year-old actor, Travis Wolfe Jr, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began his acting career when he was just eight years old. He’d acted in several commercials and television shows before landing a series regular role on a primetime television show.

Since Travis can remember, the arts have always been part of his life. Although dance was his first love, Travis’s true love and passion is for the craft of acting and because he made the choice to work at mastering his craft he’s been blessed with the opportunity to be an actor full time.

Travis Junior understands how artistic expression is critical for a child’s personal growth, self-belief and self-esteem. But every child doesn’t get the opportunity to get that experience in the arts—nor the support they need to stay active and grow in the craft of their choice. That’s why Travis created the Junior Arts Scholarship.

Every child deserves to exercise their freedom of expression. Those who want to express themselves artistically deserve the opportunity of a quality education in the arts. The Junior Arts Scholarship will assist families in getting their child the training they need to hone their skills and get them closer to making their dreams a reality. 

What is The Junior Arts Scholarship?

JAS is rewarded to children who have a passion for acting, dancing, singing, rapping, writing, photography, filmmaking, or picture video editing. It will cover a class or set of classes up to $300.

We Have Our Winners!

Announcement Date To Be Determined